Pangaea Oncology reinforces its leadership in liquid biopsy in Europe through the ELBA project

Barcelona, 18 September 2017- Pangaea Oncology, a healthcare company specializing in precision oncology, is to form part of a European consortium of research institutions to investigate and promote liquid biopsy through the European Liquid Biopsies Academy (ELBA) project.

The initiative is part of the European Horizon 2020 grant program and reinforces Pangaea’s international leadership in the field of research and clinical application of liquid biopsy. The company already markets worldwide one of the first diagnostic tests in blood to be applicable to clinical practice.

The European Liquid Biopsies Academy (ELBA) project is made up of a consortium of nine members, of whom seven are universities and prestigious research institutions and two are EU SMEs. The grant is for 247,872 Euros.

The research plan has an approved global budget of 3,727,722.96 Euros and has a lead time of three years.

ELBA’s objectives are to generate a network of knowledge in the field of liquid biopsy; to train 15 researchers in the field; and design of clinical guidelines for liquid biopsy to promote its uptake in clinical practice. The aim is to improve recognition of the diagnostic technique, and increase its penetration in Europe where Pangea Oncology is a leading company.

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