About us

PANGAEA Oncology is a company focused on Precision Oncology, which offers both patients and pharmaceutical companies different services with the aim of improving the survival of cancer patients, their response to treatments, and their quality of life.

The company has two main areas of activity interrelated, such as the clinical care division and the state-of-the-art laboratory that provides services in various areas, including molecular diagnostics as a reference laboratory for both patients and industry, pre-treatment services (clinic to industry), and diagnostic consultancy.

Additionally, PANGAEA Oncology has an R&D division focused on diagnostic tools, highly focused on predictive models in liquid biopsy and massive sequencing, and development of tools for R&D applied in pre-clinical.



PANGAEA ONCOLOGY’s mission is to change the natural history of the disease, improving the survival of cancer patients, through the application of the best professionals and technologies.


To position PANGAEA ONCOLOGY as the reference in Europe in Precision Oncology, from patient treatment, the provision of services to the industry, the incorporation of disruptive technology and medical-scientific excellence, and directed towards systems intelligent IT and data exploitation (IA/BIG DATA).



Therapeutic Oncology based on personalized models.

PANGAEA is transforming personalized medicine based on genetic analyses and data-driven approaches to improve survival and quality of life for cancer patients.

Precision medicine has revolutionized cancer treatment in recent years. It is based on the use of drugs specifically directed against molecular alterations.

We are specialists in finding these molecular alterations & in developing diagnostic technology, among others Liquid Biopsy.