Drug Development

Despite advances in recent years with the use of targeted therapies, the prognosis for many cancers still remains poor, often due to the development of drug resistance. Therefore, the development of next-generation cancer therapeutics is a high priority. Our innovative pre-clinical pipeline currently includes novel anti-cancer agents with different mechanisms of action.

Our internal drug discovery and development process is based on both in-house activities and collaborations with experts from different fields. Our strategy consists of leveraging our early stage drug discovery and development capabilities to pursue licensing agreements in the clinical phase.

We screen new chemical entities either derived from existing libraries of compounds or modeled in silico against the targets of interest to profile activity. We currently have a strategic agreement with Cancer Research Technology, the research and development arm of Cancer Research UK, to develop kinase inhibitors. We have also collaborated with Intelligent Pharma for in silico modelling of novel compounds.

In-house R+D:

  • Compound screening through biochemical and cellular assays

  • In vitro pharmacodynamics and mode of action characterization

  • Biomarker discovery

  • Development of companion diagnostic tools

Outsourced R+D:

  • Medicinal chemistry activities and in silico modeling

  • In vivo pharmacodynamics in relevant animal models

  • Regulatory pharmacokinetic and toxicity studies

We follow a flexible business model and are always open to collaboration at any stage of pre-clinical and clinical development. 

For further details of our drug discovery program: Contact us


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