LABCO and PANGAEA, led by Dr Rafael Rosell, join forces to launch a non-invasive test for monitoring cancer treatment 

•The test allows oncologists to predict response to therapy and disease progression and adjust treatment accordingly.

•The agreement gives Pangaea access to the largest network of laboratories in Europe and Latin America, while LABCO gains the experience of Dr Rosell (named highest authority in lung cancer by The Lancet) and his team.  

Barcelona 2nd February 2015 – The ability to monitor the effect of cancer treatments over the course of the disease is fast becoming a reality. The LABCO Quality Diagnostics network, European leader in clinical laboratory management and services, and PANGAEA, a reference laboratory specializing in investigation and development of oncology testing under the direction of Dr Rafael Rosell, have signed an agreement to jointly launch a non-invasive test capable of detecting genetic material in blood. The test allows oncologists to monitor treatment response in real time and switch drugs if necessary. In the words of Dr Luis Izquierdo, Director of the LABCO Genetics Laboratory, “The ability to measure treatment efficacy will enable doctors to make predictions, giving them time to try a different approach if necessary and thereby increase life expectancy.” 

Javier Rivela, CEO of Pangaea Biotech, predicts that “non-invasive techniques will soon become a solution for daily clinical practice. Even more so if we consider that in too many cases doctors do not have access to a tissue biopsy and require tools to monitor the disease when patients develop resistance to existing treatments.” According to Rivela, some 25% of advanced lung cancer patients have insufficient biopsied material for genetic analyses, hence the importance of being able to analyze tumoral genetic material in blood.  

The test represents the first fruits of the collaboration between LABCO and Pangaea who will now work together in the area of diagnostic oncology. This gives Pangaea, led by world-renowned lung cancer expert Dr Rafael Rosell, access to the largest network of laboratories in Europe and Latin America, while Labco, in addition to having its own prestigious team, is able to access the experience of an internationally recognized oncology group. The combination of these two leaders in oncology and diagnostics paves the way for development and commercialization of new diagnostic tests with high added value.  

Albert Sumarroca, CEO of Labco Iberia, sees the agreement as “Another step in our strategy to bring on board the best professionals from each field and increase the reach of our international network, something which benefits our partners, doctors and, of course, the patients.” Javier Rivela affirms “Having Labco as a partner is a strategic advantage for us. We hope this agreement will be the beginning of a long collaboration on design and validation of biomarkers and new tools for oncology diagnostics and monitoring” 

About LABCO Quality Diagnostics 

The LABCO Quality Diagnostics network is the European leader in clinical laboratory management and services. Labco’s diagnostic services are available to patients, doctors, insurance providers, hospitals, businesses, other laboratories, and public and private clinics. The company provides services to more than 25 million patients annually through over 450 laboratories and 150 clinics in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom. 

With a network of over 4,500 professionals, LABCO Quality Diagnostics performs over a million laboratory tests daily. In Spain and Portugal, the company has its own network of 96 diagnostic laboratories and a staff of around 2000.  

About Pangaea Biotech 

Pangaea Biotech, founded in 2007, is a biotechnology company focused on development of drugs and new diagnostic tools. The company has three main areas of activity: patient care via the Dr Rosell Oncology Institute (IOR) in the Quiron Dexeus University Hospital, development of diagnostic tools and services, and development of new anti-cancer drugs. 

The Pangaea team is led by Dr Rafael Rosell, MD, PhD, founder of the Spanish Lung Cancer Group, President and Scientific Director of Pangaea, and Director of the Cancer Biology and Precision Medicine Program at the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO). Tribeca Abogados SLP acted as legal counsel to Pangaea Biotech. 


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